Jay Gupta, RPh, MScIM, MTM

Jay Gupta, RPh, MScIM, MTM


Gupta is a registered pharmacist and a yoga therapist. For over 10 years he has been on a mission to actively integrate yoga into clinical settings in the USA. 

He was honored by the National Association of State Pharmacists for his innovative work, particularly in the area of integrative oncology.  He is co-founder of a 501 c(3) non-profit, YogaCaps, Inc., and RxRelax, LLC.

YogaCaps currently runs the largest and most established yoga and wellness program for cancer survivors, patients and their caregivers in the state of New Hampshire. The program also brings yoga to the clients and staff of city mental health centers, to hospitalized veterans experiencing a significant range of trauma, and keeps our seniors healthy and vibrant.

RxRelax is his effort to bridge the gap between the modern medicine and holistic health practices. He lectures and shares CEs/workshops for hospitals, corporations and universities, as well as international conferences and major health events.


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