Dr. Vijaya Upadrashta

Dr. Vijaya Upadrashta


Vijaya is a primary care physician at Dartmouth-Hitchcock clinic in Manchester, NH for the past 15 years. She started practising yoga about 8 years back and graduated from RxRelax Therapeutic Yoga Training for Health Professionals in 2018. She finds yoga helps her with stress relief, flexibility and work-life balance.

For the past few months, she has been volunteering to teach two weekly RxRelax Therapeutic Yoga sessions at Keystone Hall, an inpatient substance use rehabilitation facility in New Hampshire.

Vijaya has been enthusiastically sharing her time and yoga talent with a group of women in recovery who are pregnant or with young children to cope with their anxiety and depression through yoga and meditation. The other session she shares with a group of men and women who are in recovery from Substance Use Disorder. “It gives me tremendous joy and personal satisfaction to hear from these men and women how much these classes are helping them cope with their anxiety and insomnia,” said Dr. Upadrashta. “I am incorporating discussions at my primary care practice as well as educating patients about several research-proven benefits of yoga”.

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