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Sangeeta Pradhan to Talk About “Nutrition and the Brain: The Mind-Boggling Research” and Of Course Indian Diabetic Diet at Health Expo

BURLINGTON, MA—Sangeeta Pradhan, RD, LDN, CDE, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator who has become a fixture at the annual Indian Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo for her informative talks on diet and diabetes, will speak on “Nutrition and the Brain: The Mind-Boggling Research” this year. In addition, she will also cover diabetes and Indian diet.

The Indian and South Asian Health Expo 2019, the largest such expo in North America, is free to all attendees, and will held on March 10 at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA. The Health Expo is produced by The Mishra Group in collaboration with INDIA New England News, IndUS Business Journal and INE MultiMedia. It is sponsored by KnowYourMeds, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Lahey Health.

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“Brain research is progressing at a breath taking pace. Up until 20 years ago, it was mistakenly believed that our brain was hard wired and static and that we did not grown any new neurons past early adulthood,” Pradhan told INDIA New England News. “However, we now find out that nothing could be farther from the truth and that we are capable of producing new neurons every day right into our old age.”

Sangeeta Pradhan

How does our diet change our brain?

“Emerging research shows that your diet not only prevents chronic diseases such as diabetes, but can also profoundly influence cognitive function and may protect against cognitive decline,” said Pradhan, who is the Diabetes Program Coordinator of Charles River Medical Associates, a large physician practice group, where she leads a team of Nurse Practitioners and a Registered Dietitian, ensuring compliance with the ADA standards of care.  “What is truly transformative about this research is that the brain is highly moldable and plastic, and in a phenomenon called neuroplasticity, we can change the brain through modifiable risk factors such as diet, exercise and lifestyle.”

This begs the question: could we use simple bio-hacks in our day to day lives to change the brain and re-wire its chemistry?

“Find out at the Health Expo! In a world where depression rates keep climbing despite the prolific use of anti-depressants and Alzheimer’s is predicted to triple by 2050, it is imperative that we look at alternative modalities that may have protective effects,” Pradhan said. “We urge you to attend the INE Health Expo to find out how you might do so and how the food you eat and your lifestyle may potentially create mind altering changes in your brain.”

Pradhan is also a professional speaker, and gives talks at corporate and nonprofit accounts on a regular basis.

Pradhan is a guest blogger for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’, (formerly the American Dietetic Association), “Food and Nutrition” magazine, and India New England’s nutrition columnist. She is passionate about getting the facts about nutrition to the common consumer and to this end, blogs on her nutrition and food blog.